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The Book's Critical Importance

Born shortly after a diagnosis of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, the Smooth River® approach offers patients and their families a far wider and more enlightened perspective than conventional norms in dealing with life-threatening illness.  The Smooth River demonstrates how to treat one’s life as bigger—and far more important— than any medical condition, any tragedy, any setback of any kind. 


"This tender and startlingly lucid work offers patients and their loved ones a wealth of knowledge, and it may show physicians a new say to help people learn to cope with the prospect of dying." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Bursting with life, The Smooth River leads by example ... An inspiring, beautifully written account of living a life of purpose when faced with terminal illness."  -- BookLife Reviews by Publishers Weekly

Resources For All Those Touched by Cancer

Key books, videos, organizations and resources providing critical information to manage the most prevalent cancers and context and inspiration for end-of-life matters.


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